Monday, December 5, 2011

sing and play noel

Friday, December 2nd,  at the Performing Arts Center, the high school
“bandestra” and the high school vocal ensemble serenaded us with lots of fun music.

Amy on the right, with the other two flautists

Amy's in the Instrumental class - a mix of band and orchestra instruments making up the Bandestra

The concert featured everything from the 1812 Overture
to the theme from the Addams Family,

Elise, just to the right of the director, is part of the Vocal Ensemble class

with lots of beautiful Christmas music in between.

Elise in her solo part

Again, we are so very thankful for Mr. B, and his talent and passion in teaching music.  All of our children benefit from his ministry.   
THANK YOU, Mr. B!!! 

I planned to add a couple of videos so that you could hear the music too, but being occasionally technically challenged, I just couldn't get it to work today.  
So those might have to be just emailed to Grandma.  

If anyone else wants the email too, let me know.  :)

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