Wednesday, September 8, 2010

having a ball

Michael started after-school soccer this week.
It began with Coach Micah using Michael as a model to demonstrate which part of the foot to use in kicking the ball.

It's not your average U.S. Elementary soccer team.
Check out the coach's "cleats".
I'm wondering how long it will be before Michael asks to play barefoot too.
And talk about an ethnic mix!

It's pretty fun to have one of your best friends to do drills with.

You don't see many cleats at all on this field, and not even many shin guards.
It's a little more like sandlot soccer of 50 years ago.
And this soccer mom loves the style!

The coach even invites (barefoot) big sisters to come on the field to help the girl's team.
Have a ball, Michael!


Judy said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos! It's so good to see Michael enjoying himself so much and having a good arm-in-arm buddy. Soccer is perfect for him! So glad he has these opportunites.

us5 said...

we're thankful for all the great options for our kids!