Saturday, September 25, 2010

in harmony

Last night was the first school concert of the year, and the music was beautiful.
(Elise at piano, Amy directly in front of the conductor on flute)

Elise was invited by the band teacher to play piano this year; a real honor since they've not had a piano in this band before.

Amy was sitting in the front row, so we could only see her when she stood to take a bow.
(See Amy in front row, 2nd from right.)

Mr. Becker makes this a fun band to play in with a wide range of music.
We're so grateful for the opportunity to participate!

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.
Psalm 95:2

***See the big Sousaphone in the back row on the right side of the last photo? The school administrator told the story of that instrument before the concert began.
It had been donated to the school a few years ago by someone back in the U.S. They packed it tight with clothing and cereal, and other things not easily found here in Davao, crated it up, and sent it via ship. After unpacking it, the band teacher tried it out, and it wouldn't work. So he sadly put it away in a closet.
This summer Mr. Becker got it out again, really wanting to use it in the band. He learned that you could fill it with water to see if there were any areas with leakage.
Nope. It held water with no problem.
But when he dumped out all the water, to his surprise, along with it came a soggy shirt that had been stuffed a little too far into the body of the instrument.
The administrator was wearing the shirt last night as he told the story, and the Sousaphone was played in public for the first time!


Rosalie said...

Funny! Thanks for sharing this and the pictures. So proud of you Amy and Lise! Wish I could have been there.

us5 said...

we wish you could have been there, too, Rosalie!!! we miss you!

Auntie Judy said...

Does my heart good to see you developing and using your musical skills Amy and Elise! The work you put in now will give you a lifetime of enjoyment! Keep up the good work! Sure wish I could hear you! Hugs.

us5 said...

come on over and we'll give you a private concert!