Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tropical Surprise

To our great surprise one day we found that the
pineapple plant in our yard was bearing a pineapple!

It's been fun to watch it grow from stage to stage.

We'll look forward to when it is ready to harvest!

Maybe I'll try to grow another pineapple plant from the top of this pineapple!

**note: Our pineapple plant was in the garden when we arrived. It has long, narrow, fleshy leaves with sharp spines along the edges. The pineapple is a short-lived perennial plant which grows up to 4.9" tall. Pineapples produce just one fruit before dying. The Spanish introduced it into the Philippines, and S.E. Asia dominates world-production of pineapples, but there's nothing like watching one grow in your own yard!


Heritage Clan said...

Let us know when it ripens enough to eat.

us5 said...

you're invited to come and enjoy it with us when it does!