Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pass the salt

Or can I get you a little mustard?

Something's been having a feast on our bathroom door frame.
(something termite-like, we think)
Someone before us patched it with a little duct tape, but it looks like I might need to go and find another roll.

One day there's a clean floor, the next, a pile of sawdust.

Somehow it's very freeing living in a rental house.

Landlords here are not overly concerned about issues like this one.
If it's bothering us as the renters somehow, we can pay to hire an exterminator, or a carpenter to do repairs.
If not, then no problem.
The landlord would rather not hear about it.

Shall I pass the salt?


Anonymous said...

We have to sweep up the same sawdust everyday also. It's amazing how big a mess they make every night. But I think our termites prefer ketchup.

us5 said...

i'm glad to know we're not alone. ;o) i knew i should have picked up a bottle of heinz!

Rosalie said...

Hope you have a house left this time next year!

Heritage Clan said...

Termites are great covered with chocolate, too. I heard.

us5 said...

now i know what to get for the Heritages for Christmas!