Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Another day, another litter.

A couple of weeks ago we started to hear
mewing in the attic again.
We sure wish the cat next door would find another nursery!

On Monday Michael came running in to tell me that he could hear kittens scrabbling around just above the attic access hole. He tried to reach it with our step ladder, but he just wasn't tall enough. So I turned off the stove burner under the beginnings of dinner, and with just a bit of a sigh, went to help.

We really don't want another kitten dying in the heat of the attic.
But I'm not sure that I really want to become owners of little kittens, either!
This is what practically fell out when I opened the hatch:

And I could hear another one up there, but the ladder was too short for me to locate it. Mark tried when he came home, too, but no success.

Michael had a ball playing with them that evening; even building a Lego vehicle to transport them in.
Tuesday afternoon Mark came home with a longer ladder he had borrowed. By now we could hear mewing again, but it was far from the access hole.

Michael volunteered to climb into the attic, and since no one else seemed eager to do it, up he went.

By the time Michael came back down again, dirty and dripping with sweat, this is what we had:

These kitties really need their mommy.
They are so tiny.

We are feeding them with a dropper, washing their crusty little eyes, and trying our best to mother them, but we know they are missing Mommy.

We left them outside on our deck overnight in a spot where the mother could find them, but they were still there this morning, looking weaker, and needing lots of cleaning.

As I look at their frail little bodies, I'm reminded again of how very weak I am - how in need of the constant care of my Father.

John 15:5 "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing."

Kitten anyone? We'd be happy to share!


Kay Heritage said...

Oh,dear! Wish I could take a few of those burdens! We have a stray cat with the same coloring we had for adoption for last four weeks!

us5 said...

you are so kind to always bear others' burdens, Kay! i could package them up and send them to you!?!? :o)

Judy said...

They are SOOOO cute!! Good potential rat/mouse/lizard/bug catchers?????

us5 said...

now what makes you think we have rats and lizards and bugs?!?!? ;o)