Thursday, September 2, 2010

in the village part 3

So, what did we DO in the village?

The primary reason we went is, unfortunately, one we can't share with you in the public forum of our blog. It was a business trip, and we'll be writing more about that aspect of it in our next privately distributed newsletter. If you are not on our mailing list for newsletters and you would like to receive them, please either email us, or leave a comment here on our blog and we'll make sure you get one!

So for the time being, these are some of the things we did while we were there...

We visited with a team who work to promote literacy among their tribe. They currently travel to 29 remote locations to instruct and supply teachers with literature to use in their local literacy classes.

We got to see some of the literature currently used in the classes, stored here in the village.

We visited the recording studio where they produce a weekly gospel radio program for their tribe!

We went for a tour of the village, accompanied by several team members and a handful of high school girls who were delighted to get to know Amy and Elise through a mixture of English and Visayan! They had unlimited questions and showed such warm hospitality.

They took us to visit the piggery. The pigs were housed behind a pastor's home, where we picked our way through dense foliage to get to them. I'm not sure anyone could find the piggery in the dark!

Aren't those bananas gorgeous?

And the view from the ridge was stunning...

The streets were filled with curious and beautiful children.

After some more touring and introduction to the work they do at the center, it was time for dinner. The power had gone out, so we ate by candlelight.

And after dinner, of all things, a few of us snuggled in the warmest clothes and blankets we had, luxuriating in the sensation of feeling cold, and savored one of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot movies on "E's" laptop. We did this again the second night, too, but since the rain was falling in torrents on the tin roof the whole time, it was like watching a silent film - the rain drowned out all the sound!

And then to bed with a good book, a dousing of OFF, and the sweet smells of a smoking mosquito coil.

In the next couple of days we spent time with the village kindergarten class (more about that next time!)

And we took walks up and down the hilly terrain, delighting in all the beauties around us.

We spent some time de-bugging our bed and backpacks after a huge ant invasion.

And we had a few opportunities to help out a bit, in the kitchen,

and in filling water containers at the outdoor sink.

We had so many rich experiences, but some of our favorite times were playing with, talking with and making friends with the people there.

Michael's favorite memory is the Skylab ride we took.
That post is coming soon!


Kay Heritage said...

Love you much! Thank you!

The Braggs said...

Oh, Thank you for sharing your stories (and pictures). I love reading them each time! Thank you for sharing with these beautiful people, too.