Sunday, September 12, 2010

permission denied

Remember our sweet friend, Mae, who was a helper in the next-door apartment, and who wrote us letters to help us learn Visayan?
I received a text from her a couple of weeks ago inviting our family to come to her village to attend Mae's wedding on the 28th!
We submitted a request to our director for permission to attend the wedding, but our request was denied. Though we'd love to be at Mae's wedding, we admit we were actually relieved when permission wasn't given.

These were some of the things we knew about the wedding's location:

*It's in a village by the name of Sitio Kanacan.

*In asking other Filipinos about the village, none we spoke to have heard of this village.

* The village is not on any map I have been able to locate, including Google and Mapquest maps.

*It is a 2-hour ride by horse back to the village from the spot where the road ends.

*Mae's two unmarried sisters would be our guides.

* Cell phone reception from the village is not always working.

*The water there may not be potable, so we would need to carry in our own.

*We've also been advised that if it rains we may be stuck in the village.

Sounds maybe like just a little TOO much adventure...

We'll just have to wait a little longer to experience a Filipino wedding!


Yesterday Mae's two older sisters, Joy and Anne, came for a visit, so we were happy to at least be able to send a gift with them on to Mae and her fiance, "Yok-Yok".


Rosalie said...

Kinda glad permission was denied! Thought of that little saying, "Rejection is God's protection."

Love you all,

us5 said...

we're thankful for God's protection! and for a wise director who gave us a way to politely bow out. ;o)